Access Card Reading System Set Up

The era of unparalleled technology has come, and every business must rise to the occasion. A traditional lock and key that can be easily lost and misplaced is no longer the best option. As a matter of fact, it’s deemed obsolete for buildings and facilities. Digital Line provides you a wide selection of access card reader technology for doors, parking and gates so you will have a modern security system that will keep customers in, and the bad guys out.

Manage access with the help of a reliable and secure access control system. Each employee has unique credentials in their card that helps you identify who gets out and who gets in. The software system and control panels controlling the entrances come with the time and date of the entry or exit, making your building much more secure. It also helps that you no longer need to ask for the physical key back if ever an employee quits since access cards can be easily deactivated from the system. This modern and upgraded system not only levels up your business’ security, but it also safeguards the safety of all your employees.

Access control systems:

  • Provides safety and security for your employees and guests.
  • Lessens the loss of assets, possessions and important company properties with the help of information available in the records if there’s an instance of an investigation.
  • Helps keep unauthorized people out of your building.
  • Cards aren’t easily duplicated, unlike traditional keys.
  • It can provide a record in the case of a break-in or any illegal activity.