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Web Phones are often associated with remote working. They increase the reach of a business phone system and open the door for a more geographically diverse workforce.

How Do Web Phones Benefit Remote Workers?

The term “remote working” often presents a typical image for people who hear it.  A common image might be of someone who is accomplishing work-connected tasks, from within their own residence. To be able to accomplish this, essential equipment is needed. One of these is what is termed as a “web phone” or “Internet Phone” or “soft phones”.

Web phones can be considered as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of a remote worker. They are useful in helping to widen a business’s phone system reach as well as providing a means of supporting geographically flexibility to remote employees.

When compared to desk phones and other softphones, desktop softphone applications have some benefits that the former don’t have. Some of these benefits include flexibility with regards to geographical locations, direct and text messaging features, contact integration, employee presence, and other features that enhance team communications.

Simple Contact Access

One of the most important business web phone features is the ability to see a list of all the contacts in your organization. Having a complete directory by name makes it easy to find and reach coworkers, especially if you have several office locations or departments.

You can also create your own custom contacts in the shared contacts directory. This feature makes it convenient to contact the people you work most closely with, rather than having to search or sort through long lists of names in different areas.


For teams who work in different offices or remotely, it’s important to know whether a colleague is online or not. Being able to see someone’s real-time status using a web phone is a helpful indication of their availability.

With presence, a Sales or Customer Service manager can quickly glance at the list of contacts to see which agents are currently on a call. A receptionist can check whether an executive is currently available or busy, and a coworker can see whether their peers are online and available in the chat feature. 


You can make and receive phone calls wherever there is a broadband connection simply by signing into your hosted phone account. Making your phone system as convenient as e-mail – if you are traveling, simply pack a headset and you can talk to your family or business associates for almost nothing.

Manage and adjust your pre-configured rules and activate Time-Of-Day forwards right from the Web Phone interface using a simple drag and drop method.