Voice, Data Cabling and Fiber Optics

A structured cabling system is a set of cabling and accompanying hardware that provides a complete telecommunications infrastructure.

Business Network Infrastructure

A structured cabling system along with hardware will provide your company with a complete telecommunications infrastructure. The design and installation play a vital role in delivering clear communication, guaranteed connectivity and secured operations.

A properly and reliably structured cabling system is also necessary to ensure flexibility for growth and change over time. Digital Line has a team of network cabling specialists that are skilled in installing and supplying different kinds of structured cabling designs for schools, businesses, facilities, buildings and more. We also have cabling solutions that include telephone, data line and fibre optics.

Access Card Reading System Set Up

The era of unparalleled technology has come, and every business must rise to the occasion. A traditional lock and key that can be easily lost and misplaced is no longer the best option. As a matter of fact, it’s deemed obsolete for buildings and facilities. Digital Line provides you with a wide selection of access card reader technology for doors, parking and gates so you will have a modern security system that will keep customers in, and the bad guys out.

Communications Systems

In order to form an effective communications plan, a competent team and an internet connection are not enough. You also need to consider the best technology for your office. At Digital Line, we offer top communications systems from leading brands including: