VoIP Phone System

If you’re looking for IP PBX solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and scalable, these business telephony systems are perfect for today’s mobile and distributed business environment. Our VOIP platform eliminates the need for expensive, outdated and technically complex legacy phone systems. We are the new wave of the future, keeping you always connected.

VoIP Phone Systems

Take advantage of a much easier and more cost-efficient means of communication through our IP PBX solutions.   Our premium IP telephony communications can either be hosted (hardware-free) or premise-based IP PBX solutions, all at a cost that is less than your current monthly telecom bill. With the new generation of technology, there is no longer a need for you to settle with complex and expensive services. Digital Line offers greater opportunities for easier communication with our VoIP Phone Systems.

Upgrading your phone system and meeting the VoIP cabling requirements is easier than you think. And as your voice and data company service provider, we will ensure a hassle-free installation for you.

Go for that dramatic advance in communications systems with our IP telephony communications services. With the increase of the functionality in your communications system comes the decrease in your monthly bill and the added features of our systems like auto-receptionist, flexible extension structure, multiple voicemail boxes, smart call routing, advanced call answering rules, inter-site office extension dialing, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, and more.

Benefits of a VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone Systems allow your employees to make and receive phone calls over the internet versus traditional phone systems and it has become quite popular with many businesses and organizations. The benefits of a VOIP system are:

  • It lowers the operational costs
  • Increased portability
  • Much more flexibility and scalability

Business Communications Solutions

Communication is at the forefront of any successful business operation. It bridges the gap between management and employees. Boost the internal communications and employee productivity of your company with the business communications solutions by Digital Line. It helps you get hold of your company staff and personnel easily, and even your remote workers can now have office calls sent to their mobiles directly.

More companies are embracing virtual work environments and realize the importance of keeping all employees connected through a central system whether they are across the hall or working from a home office.  The communication systems offered by voice and data companies like Digital Line can keep everyone connected as if they were all in the same location while increasing productivity and enhancing customer communications.  Remote workers can have their work calls sent directly to their mobile phones and can call into a central voicemail inbox.