Digital Line Products

The need to keep up with modern technology is a must for all businesses to help keep you ahead of competitors, and for you to not miss any opportunities. The absence of an efficient and effective network or technology can also have an impact on the productivity of your employees. We at Digital Line always strive to help small to large scale businesses in building effective business solutions. We offer services in
  • Fiber Optics, Voice and Data Cabling
  • Access Card Solutions
  • VOIP/ PBX Phone Solutions
  • Business Phone systems
  • Chat & SMS Systems
  • Internet Fax
  • Web Phones

Fiber Optics, Voice and Data Cabling

A structured cabling system along with hardware will provide your company with a complete telecommunications infrastructure. The design and installation play a vital role in delivering clear communication, guaranteed connectivity and secured operations.

Access Card Solutions

The era of unparalleled technology has come, and every business must rise to the occasion. A traditional lock and key that can be easily lost and misplaced is no longer the best option. As a matter of fact, it’s deemed obsolete for buildings and facilities. Digital Line provides you with a wide selection of access card reader technology for doors, parking and gates so you will have a modern security system that will keep customers in, and the bad guys out.

VOIP/PBX Phone Systems

We provide Voice Over Internet Protocol PBX solutions that are flexible and scalable for business telephony systems for mobile and distributed business environments. This technology aims to eliminate the need for expensive and technically challenging legacy phone systems. We also offer premise-based systems so even if the internet is down, you can still communicate internally. We will keep you connected.

Business Phone System

A fully-managed phone system in the cloud.
Focus on what’s important. Move your business forward.

Enterprise-grade communications at an affordable cost.
Advanced customer-focused features.

Chat and SMS

SMS for business, better known as business texting, lets you send and receive text messages on your business phone number. You can quickly provide information to clients, set up appointments, and reply to inquiries using your recognizable business phone number.

Internet Fax

With Internet Fax you get reliable Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax service to meet all your business needs. Fax from any web-connected device, from any location, at any time, and direct incoming faxes straight to your email inbox. Even better, you can schedule, manage and store all your faxes online in one central location for easy access.

Web Phone

Desktop softphone applications provide some benefits that many desk phones, and some other softphones, can’t offer. These benefits include geographic flexibility, direct and text messaging, contact integration, employee presence, and other features that help bolster team communications.