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Texting, and chatting whether it be with coworkers or clients, can be one of the easiest ways to elevate the level of communication and collaboration in your business.

The main form of communication between clients, employees and co-workers is text messages and chats. Ideas and thoughts are most often shared through this form of communication.

Faster than phone calls. Better reply rate than emails. Ease and accessibility. These are all just a few examples of the benefits of texting and chats. Whether you’re exchanging ideas with your co-worker, getting instructions from your boss, or communicating with clients, the simplicity and effectiveness of text messages is what made it the most common form of communication. Compared to the amount of effort that is needed for emails and the danger of getting caught up with a long conversation by a phone call, the content for text messages and chats are simple and straight to the point.

Use your Business Phone Number to Send Texts
SMS for business, better known as business texting, letsyou send and receive text messages on your business phone number. You can quickly provide information to clients, set up appointments, and reply to inquiries using your recognizable business phone number.

We provide SMS-enabled phone numbers for most places in North America with the ability port mobile and landline numbers as well.

What Can Presence do for You?
Presence monitoring across devices (desk phones, softphone and smartphones) is a feature that gives you an edge in connecting inbound callers with employees and reducing hold times and hangups. You’ll be able to know in real time whether the agent is on an active call, or available for chat. Using custom statuses, an employee can let everyone know that they’re in a meeting or out to lunch making routing calls from clients much easier.

Increased Productivity
Phone calls can be a huge productivity killer in business because they often veer off track or interrupt other tasks.

Along those same lines, emails can go unanswered for hours sometimes. Instant messaging, on the other hand, is the perfect way to get just the answers you need when you need them.

  • With our app for iOS and Android you can take your business communication on the road and use your business phone with the most popular devices
  • Our phone portal allows you to call out on any desktop with a microphone, or chat and SMS directly with contacts
  • A wide selection of desk phones with SMS support and capability are available

Convenience for Everyone

  • Use one business number for voice, fax, and text messages
  • Receive push and email notifications of incoming messages
  • Communicate easily anywhere there is an internet connection

Effective Communication
Instant messaging, text apps and platforms have become an essential part of business communications.

These widely used forms of communication are as useful in the workplace as they are in everyday life.

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