Does your office or business cabling system look like this?

One big pile of mess with tangled wires running across floors, under desks, and a big potential trip hazard?

Digital Line has you covered!

We’ll help reduce the complicated wiring of your cabling systems.

We can design and rebuild a much more effective and well-organized cable system to ensure flawless continuity and connectivity of your entire network infrastructure.

Is investing in structured cabling right for your business?

The voice and data cabling system in your office or building is literally the backbone of your business. It connects all aspects of your company’s technology, from voice/phones, paging systems, data/computers/networking hardware, audiovisual equipment, thermostats, security cameras, machinery, and more.

Without a properly functioning network, it can be difficult for clients, employees and providers to connect and collaborate to complete tasks efficiently.

A swift, robust, and well-organized structured cabling system provides your business with essential and reliable technology that supports and helps manage all your networked resources efficiently.  Basically, keeping everything running smoothly online and ensuring 100% productive output of your company’s day-to-day operations.

Need a Commercial Structured Cabling installer?

Trusted by Southern Ontario businesses for over 20 years, Digital Line specializes in the design and installation of:

Whether you’re building a new location or thinking about rewiring, reorganizing or upgrading your current setup, we’re your go-to provider for structured cabling solutions.

From single to multi-point connectivity, we’ll design, plan, and execute the wiring foundation your business needs so that it can meet your current and changing needs well into the future.

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